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Work Package 3b

Hazard potential environment

Involved Partners: IME, UFZ, IUTA

In this workpackage we want to gain additional knowledge regarding the mode-of-action of particular materials and to identify relevant parameters indicating ecotoxicity.

The focus is on aquatic ecotoxicity with daphnids and green algae as model organisms. For valid conclusions we need a comprehensive characterisation of the particular material’s behaviour in the test media. Therefore, a close cooperation with other workpackages is required.

We deal with two subjects: (i) morphology and (ii) cause-effect-relationship.

Regarding morphology we focus on fibers / wires. Based on the information derived in the preceding project nanoGRAVUR we intend to identify critical lengths and diameters resulting in increased ecotoxicity. This is done for particles releasing toxic ions as well as for non-toxic materials. The observed effects are then correlated to the material’s physico-chemical properties.

Regarding cause-effect-relationships we focus on the attachment behaviour to algae. For daphnids the release of ions or chemical substances in the test medium is correlated to the release in the organism.

The results are used to improve the grouping approaches for particular innovative materials resulting in an improved prediction of the environmental hazard and a reduced testing effort for individual materials.

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