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Work Package 1

Categorization, grouping, analogy concepts

Involved Partners: BASF, BfR, BAuA, All

Work package 1 works on the validation of concepts that enable the knowledge transfer of (reference) materials with a known impact to materials that have not (extensively) been tested and evaluated. But based on well-defined criteria as "similar". For this purpose, guidelines for categorization, grouping and analogy concepts (read-across) are developed, which are applicable in a regulatory manner and cover the entire life cycle.
This also includes the prediction of release rate and morphology change. Intelligent Test Strategies (ITS) are used to predict, quantify, and assess similarity in conjunction with various modeling that integrates application and environment-dependent properties beyond current knowledge.

Data from literature, from previous projects and also from WP 2 and WP 3 are reduced to descriptors and are evaluated. The initial ITS are extended based on well-known benchmark materials as well as novel test materials with critical / complex composition and / or critical morphology,.

The work in WP 1 will be carried out in close cooperation with current EU projects, v.a. GRACIOUS (2018- 2021, Project ID: 760840).

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